Fifty years after the creation of the United Nations, there is continuous debate amongst its
member states on the proposal for the reform of various United Nations systems.The main
reform proposals call for the reformation of the Security Council and for the creation of an
International Criminal Court.The issue regarding the Security Council address the need for
change in the UN’s most important and most powerful body.These reforms take two main
views, one calling for the expansion of the Security Council and the other calling for the
limitation and gradual end of the right to veto especially among the permanent members.In
the past decade, there were two occasions when criminal tribunals were set up to try
criminals for crimes against humanity, one after the war in Bosnia and the other after the civil
war in Rwanda. Both these tribunals have helped persuade the International community to
propose for the creation of a permanent Criminal Court.Because the United Nations has
begun to take up a more prominent role in global affairs the increasing number of member
states and countries advancing economically, the United Nations is feeling the pressure to
The United Nation was created with the purpose of an organization that would ensure global
security and one that would find a peaceful resolution to conflict between nation states
throughout the World.After fifty years of creation, the United Nations has had many
achievements but has still failed to bring about the end of global problems, the way its
founding members had hoped it would during its creation.During the nineties in particular,
the global communityhas seen many occasions where the United Nations was powerless to
stop the aggression of a nation against others or its own people, of failed to achieve goals
regarding social development and human rights.The UN has also been blamed for working
towards re…

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