Understanding Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is the most common health problem with the elderly. Some health organizations believe that men are more prone to congestive heart failure than women.
In a study performed on 3,000 men, it was determined that men can inherit heart disease
from their fathers through the Y chromosome, but, as to which gene causes this problem, it
is not known yet. Dr. Maciej Tomaszewki states, “We are very excited about these findings as they put the Y chromosome on the map of genetic susceptibility to coronary heart disease.”
In an earlier inquiry it was stated that heart disease is the
number one killer in females, which is true, but it is also a problem for men.Males
are more likely to experience heart disease earlier in their lives than females. Dr. Virginia Miller, a heart disease researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,Minn. noted that this finding, “This sheds a new light on heart disease concerning men.” We all know men who have not taken care of their health and who have lived with the effects of heart disease. Counter-intuitively, at the same time, we all know men who have not smoked, or drank, or ate poorly but who, instead, have livedhealthy, active lifestyles, yet who have died from a heart attack, just the same.
Dr. Thekkoott Deepak of the Cardiovascular Institute of the South discusses how family
history plays a vital part in heart disease. Also, the lifestyle that you lead does have a strong impact upon how healthful you will be. Smoking, drinking, partying, not getting enough rest, all come into focus when it comes to predicting a person’s health and longevity. Uncontrolled high blood pressure,obesity and diabetes also play a major part in heart disease. Everyone choices to make in life about how they are going to conduct their lives.Living a healthy lifestyle should be paramount.
People of African decent are at a higher risk of congestive heart failure and are more li…

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