Junior Year: A Lesson Learned
Eleventh grade, or my junior year of high school, was such an exciting time at J.J. Pearce. This was the beginning of my second year at the school and I knew all of the faces. I had gone to New York for the summer without finishing business with a girl with the most definitive eyes. Rachel Lockett, her name, a tall skinny brunette girl with brown eyes and a look to her that made me scream every time she walked bye. Rachel and I started speaking again when I had returned from my tedious trip to Rockaway, New York, and we eventually became an item. As the semester moved along, things started to look dim for me, a young naive sixteen-year-old who knew nothing about girls or love, or what girl could do a stupid high school boy. I began to observe that Rachel was drifting far away from me. My junior year was the year I finally understood what the expression "broken heart" truly meant.
I had known the girl for quite sometime now. At the beginning, I didn't exactly know her, but knew her from afar. She and I used to stare at each other from across our fourth period art class everyday our sophomore year until we started talking. This was the girl that I had admired the most, before and after my tedious trip to New York. I finally arrived home August 1st. In thefirst two hours of being home, she and her friend Ashley stopped bye to see me, I saw her again later that night. Two of my friends, Tyler and Chad came over to celebrate my arrival, we did so by straight shooting some kind of Russian Vodka, with a horrible Dr. Pepper chaser. We began to walk up to Bowie elementary where we would rendezvous with Rachel. I kissed her that night lying under the stars on the school's field. We made it official August, 5th, 2001, Rachel was finally my girlfriend, two weeks later we became each othersfirsts.
I told Rachel with all sincerity that I was i

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