U.S presidential candidates

Comparing the two presidential candidates for the year 2004 can be a bit difficult for the simple reason that the President and Senator disagree practically on all the issues. The main issue that President Bush and Senator Kerry have been debating about the most is the war on terror. The Bush campaign has the advantage that Kerry is not too proud of his voting record and they have used that against him. While on the other hand, the Kerry campaign recently received good news when the report compiled by Charles Duelfer, chief U.N. weapons inspector, was released saying that Saddam Hussein did not in fact possess weapons of mass destruction.
With the third and final debate between the two presidential candidates now over, the stakes are high. Still there is only one candidate that will have the chance to occupy the president’s chair in the White House, and the one who fits it best is George W Bush. Bush has a voting record to be proud of while Kerry has been categorized by the Bush administration as a “flip-flopper”. Kerry now says he is against the war when he supported the president’s decision to invade Iraq by voting for the war. The thing that might hurt Kerry the most is that after voting for the war, he voted against federal funding for the troops in Iraq!
One thing that both Bush and Kerry agree on is that the stakes could not be any higher. With elections so close at hand, this race looks to be a tough and good one!

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