U.S. Foreign Policy

No one country or nation in the history of the world has ever held as much power, influence, and control as the United States does now in our present day.Within the last century that has passed us by, our country has accumulated so much of its wealth, knowledge, and power because of the simple fact that we have such a melting pot of people.This massive potpourri of ideas from all over the world has lead to such a quick progression in all aspects of our nation: the economy, government, and culture.However, we did not always have such a strong effect on other countries.During the youth of our nation, much time was spent practicing isolationism mainly because of our inability and lack of power to have much authority throughout the rest of the world.Through time, as immigrants arrived from all over the globe, the United States gained prosperity and power.It would be impossible for us to remain isolated from the rest of the globe especially with the great amount of influence that had been accumulated.
One of thefirst instances where we began to involve ourselves in foreign affairs was during the First World War.With no desire to enter the war in Europe, we attempted to remain merely an outside observer.Even though we eventually entered the war later on, while the Allies were fighting, we actually supplied them with different types of equipment such as food and ammunition.This type of involvement is somewhat strange merely because of the initial stance of neutrality that the United States took.Was it right for America to support the Allies? That question is somewhat difficult to answer.Some might say that helping our European counterparts was the right way to proceed, but this type of decision making recently has gotten us into some quandaries.If the United States wants to help the world, then in doing so, we should attempt to treat each situation equally.Any sort of favoritism toward one particular group or sid…

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