U.S. Elections-Prejudices in Journalism

U.S. Elections

The articles used to form our class research project on the U.S. Elections were based on News finding from many different countries.The basis of most of the articles was how President Bush and Senator John Kerry were viewed upon in relations with those countries.A few other things covered were senator elections and voting.
I feel that language plays a huge role in Newspaper Articles or any type of journalism for that matter.Several articles never directly take sides on the election but by the writing of certain statements leads the reader to believe in one direction.For example, in the Mexico and NAFTA report it was stated, "All the major countries in the region opposed the decision by the US and Britain to attack Iraq without a second UN resolution.Kerry supported this policy, though Democrats are now trying to argue that he did so out of loyalty to servicemen about to go into action rather than because he agreed with President Bush."As the article started to put down carry, they rebutted with a comment to make Kerry appear as if he were making his decisions for the people.This continued throughout the article, continuous support of Kerry and not much recognition of Bush.
Most of the articles clearing appeared to be trashing both candidates for our Presidency.The article from the Toronto Star reported in one sentence, "Bush's policy, it won't work since he is, indeed, performing like a recruiting sergeant for Al Qaeda." A few paragraphs later they stated, "Kerry cannot tell his voters the truth, he tells them only part of the truth, when he says it, he doesn't sound like he really believes it.Which is why Americans-as yet-don't believe in him. Another article from the Middle East reported Dr. Mohammad Tabataba'I as saying, "As far as Iran is concerned, both candidates in the next United States presidential elections have views which are rath…

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