U.S. Constitution

The significant attributes or principles embodied in the U.S Constitution.The attributes are Federalism, Checks & Balances, Limited Government, Judicial Review, and Representation form of government, and Equality before law.These attributes were very great in helping the world today.The world would not be right if we did not have these attributes to help us in problems.The attributes were put in the Constitution and talked about perfectly.
Federalism is the government, which is made of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President.With the House, Senate, and President, the world has all the power and protection it may need.In hard times, the President and the others think of ways to overcome the situation.Federalism is a type of government that the world has today.It assures that power will go through the government and it won't just be in one part of the government. The President makes up things and the senate can check him and veto what he thinks may be right, but the senate may not agree with what he says.The senate ratifies treaties and passes theme if they like.
There is a Separation of Powers that divides the laws between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.The Checks and Balances are also apart of the government and it deals with the separation of powers and how the power is divided between them.I think that this is a good thing because if one side had more power than the others, things would be out of order and everything would me wrong.One side would be able to tell the others sides that its ideas are more powerful than the others.The President can check the congress by vetoing legislation federal court. There is the legislative check, which states that the senate can check the president by refusing to approve his appointments.This also ratifies treaties.The Supreme Court checks the President by declaring actions of the Executive branch unconstitutional.

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