U.S. Constitution

The United States of America's Greatest Experiment:
Everything we do in this world, in regards to science is an experiment.When we eat breakfast in the morning we're experimenting how our bodies will react.When we start our cars on a cold winter morning we're experimenting with whether they will start or not.Perhaps the greatest experiment this world has ever seen was the experiment of the U.S.Constitution and the successful result in melting together fifty states.
Some of the opponents of the U.S.Constitution insisted that it would never work; that a republican form of government spanning a land with "such dissimilar climates, economies, morals, politics, and peoples," as Governor George Clinton of New York said, was impossible; that such a government and such a Constitution , as Patrick Henry of Virginia declared, "contradicts all the experience of the world."The experiment was tried anyway (Sagan:424).
Not only did the U.S.Constitution work, it formed one of the most successful and free nations in the world.No where else in the world is there a country more diversified in all aspects of life, and still provides more opportunities for everyone no matter their race, religion or wealth.That is who the United States has come to be known as "The Land of Opportunity.The U.S. has also come to be known as the police of nations for our tendency to help countries in need and regulate countries that overstep their bounds with our powerful military.Such as the problems in the middle east.
Speaking of our powerful military, I don't think there is another country on earth with as many patriots willing to bring a halt to their every day toil and give their lives to fight for their country like us Americans.Even back to the revolutionary war.When our forefathers laid down their pitchforks and

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