Tourism in Australia

Given the declining world commodity market and the consequent poor performance of Australia's mining and agricultural sectors, the government must acknowledge tourism as the key growth sector.
Without sound management strategies and a co-ordinated policy framework, long-term growth in tourism and hospitality cannot be sustained, benefits will not be maximised and the various resources may be depleted as carrying capacities rapidly are reached.
A global national perspective is not sufficient, indeed even a national perspective is not sufficient – industry impacts varies from one state and region to another in terms of the type of activities, the intensity of tourist activity and the social/cultural/environmental/economic objectives.
Government has no choice but to apply a large variety of measures: information and education; economic measures including financing and environmental/cultural protection; standards and regulatory instruments; planning; and management strategies.
While the central agency focus is essential, this must be fully integrated with similar functions at state and local government levels to ensure their work and initiatives complement rather than conflict with each other
The Sport and Tourism Division within the Department of Industry, Science and Resources (DISR) set the national policy and direction for tourism, leisure and hospitality in Australia. This division is charged with developing, implementing and administering Federal Government policy and programs relating to the sport and recreation and tourism sectors. This is designed to create an economic and policy environment conducive to the continued growth of these dynamic sectors. The Division's objective is to increase the innovation and competitiveness of Australia's sport and tourism industries (BTR, 2000.Pg.1). Given the size of the tourist industry in Australia, the adequacy of this level of representation (ie. buried within a larg…

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