Assignment 5: Make a rough outline of the important points of your story.Then tell the story to a classmate.Jot down additional details that you think of while you are telling the story.
The school bell rings at 3:05 I excitingly run down the hall.I am in such a hurry that I drop my books as I am hurrying down the stairs.The other children around me are running to because it is Friday and they are ready for the weekend.The rush of the other kids down the hallway make it hard for me to pick up my books, but I manage to dodge traffic and gather my belongings.I am determined to get on the bus before it takes off.This weekend is special; I am going to my grandma's.
My grandma is very special to me there is not much I would not do for her.She was raised in Kentucky; she lived on a farm up there.From what she tells me she had it rough compared to how I have it now.She had to milk cows, tend chickens, and feed hogs.Her father was a relatively poor farmer who did all he could to feed his children.My grandma eventually met a man and moved to Florida with him.She settled down and raised some children, much like myself only uglier.She was the cool mom; she had a nice car so her sons could borrow it to go on dates and such.She knows what goes on in real life, about drugs, sex, and alcohol.Not like most parents who are ignorant of the times.
The bus stops in front of her house I run off through the gate and to the porch there she is waiting on me.She is a short lady of broad build, she has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and skin as white as snow.I give her a hug and we walk inside.I go to a room she calls my room and put up my things.Then, we go to the living room to sit down and talk about the week.I tell her about my teachers, how I am doing in school.She tells me about her week, which is so boring, I see her lips moving but hear no sound.So I just stare at her and smile no

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