top 10 percent

Graduating top ten percent is a hard road filled with four years of all nighters, study sessions, and countless hours at the library.To graduate with this honor not only brings pride to ones' parents but it also gives the student a special privilege.The top ten percent rule passed in 1997 (House Bill 588) by the 75th legislator automatically accepts these students to any public Texas University.While this may seem like a noble idea on the surface, in retrospect this gives an unfair advantage to the rest of the graduating class.Texas government believes that the top ten percent rule will encourage students to work harder in high school and increase the amount of minorities accepted into a public Texas University.Instead, it works against other hard working students who did not achieve top ten percent status but have other outstanding achievements.I believe that this rule excludes many deserving students and cause parents as well as public school systems to do irrational things to circumnavigate a well intentioned but poorly thought out bill.This rule should be abolished for the good of the future students.
A great deal of hard working students who have made it their goal to attend the University of Texas at Austin are rejected solely on the basis that they are not in the top ten percent of their respected school.In the article "Student Run Into to Ten Percent Law" published in the Houston Chronicle, a promising 17-year-old student who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps by attending the University of Texas was reject purely on the grounds that he was not in the top ten percent of his class.The rejection letter stated that his "academic record did not meet the required competitive level"(Nissimov, 1a) but his accomplishments such as maintaining a 3.94 grade point average and scoring a 1240 on his SAT (180 points above the national average) clearly states otherwise.His only draw …

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