tobaco use

Social Factors Effecting Tobacco Use
One of the main causes for a person to continue smoking is the presence of secondary reinforcers. For a smoker a secondary reinforcer may be talking, working, drinking, or studying etc. These are paired with physiological addiction which keep the user dependent on tobacco.
Reasons Why People Start Using Tobacco
There are various reasons why people of all ages start using tobacco. Some young people start so that they can look mature, and some do it just to imitate others. Others resort to smoking to curb their appetite. Some find it easy to start because they deny all the risks involved with smoking, while others believe that they can quite whenever they like. Another major reason why others may start is because tobacco smoking is linked in advertising to admirable traits such as confidence, popularity, sexual attraction and slenderness.
A child or an adolescent is most likely to use tobacco ifany of the following is a factor in the individual's life.
1. A parent or sibling who uses tobacco
A child coming from a blue-collar family
A child coming from a low income family
A child coming from a home with a single parent
Has positive attitudes about tobacco use
37% of American Indian/Alaska Native men
35% of American Indian/Alaska Native women

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