A plant infamous to our society is the Tobacco plant.Used for recreation, for looks, and for addiction it has found a seemingly permanent place in human culture.Used in various forms it is generally dried out and smoked but does come in other forms.Although detrimental in most aspects, it is being found that tobacco has many medicinal purposes.Some such purposes include possible cures for some types of cancers, for hunger needs, and, ironically enough, for a certain type of respiratory disease.
Tobacco is grown mostly in the tropics although is grown as far north as North Carolina and Connecticut.Some locations in the tropics include Africa, Brazil, Cuba, the Canary Islands, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and Sumatra.
Tobacco can be incredibly destructive.Smoking produces diseases known as Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease (COAD).This is actually comprised of two related diseases, Emphysema and Bronchitis.Emphysema causes an enlargement of the air sacs in the lungs and is permanent.Most victims have to go on oxygen to get enough oxygen into their body.Their breathing becomes difficult as mucus can fill the lungs and the air sacs enlarge until death results.Bronchitis is an inflammation and extra mucus secretion of the bronchial tubes.The bronchial tubes are the tubes that lead from the air sacs to the airway.This condition causes extreme coughing and can last for months or years.It is also very dangerous to the person infected with it.
Tobacco is very widely used as a drug that's smoked.Various types include cigarettes, cigars and lose tobacco.Although accepted up until the late 50's as not damaging to health it was discovered it created a wide variety of cancers and diseases.The nicotine in the plant is a very addictive substance.After repeated use a person who quits using it typically develops headache's and…

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