To live or to die

Everyday hundreds of Americans die in either accidents, shooting, from sickness,
and evening the death penalty. Capital punishment is a very difficult issue and there are as
many different opinions for or against it as there are people. Each yeah over two hundred
people are placed on death row. Some of those people deserve to be on death row and a
few don't but there is no way to separate the wrongly accused from those who belong. To
live or to die is the question that crosses every judges mind when the time comes to
prosecute a criminal. It is not an easy decision but it has to be made. Once the decision is
made to place someone on death row, there is no turning back, only the anticipation of
that day when a life is brought to an end slowly but surely. Those opposing capital
punishment think of losing aloved one to someone who has no meaning for taking a life.
those who are defending capital punishment, think abouta loved one that maybe wrongly
accused and sentenced to death. There are two sides to capital punishment either to live or
There was a period were capital punishment was ruled unconstitutional by the
supreme court. Their reason for this was that the death penalty was cruel and unusual
punishment under the eighth amendment which states, " that excessive bail shall not be
required, nor excessive fines imposed, no cruel or unusual punishment inflicted." When
the constitution was drafted, indeed capital punishment was practiced widely in this
country but it was not specified as cruel and unusual. Those who are for capital
punishment argue that penal laws are demonstrating to everyone that it is not in the best
interest to murder. Capital punishment is something that is deserved when someone takes
the life of another individual for no reason. " The fear of death deters people from
committing crimes," says Leslie Cantu (Interne

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