To Clone or Not to Clone That is the Question…

“Technological Advancements in Science Have Modern Scientists Attempting to Clone Humans in the Near Future.” Picture seeing this headline in today’s edition of the Houston Chronicle, what would your reaction be? Would you support cloning or would you be against cloning? I wouldn’t support cloning another human or any other organism living or dead because I find the whole cloning issue inhumane and highly unethical. Although I may not support cloning, the issue does have its advantages but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
What would you do if you were unable to produce a child naturally? Modern science has made it possible to produce a child through a process called cloning. Cloning is the act of duplicating another person’s DNA to produce a second copy of the original person. For many people who are unable to have children, cloning provides these persons with the hope of having a biological child of their own. “Most researchers agree that one-day cloning is likely to be an option at many fertility clinics” (Morell 784). With this in mind, cloning is viewed as an advantage to persons who are infertile.
Cloning can also be seen as a means of having a child without having sex. Cloning can effectively reduce the number of STD and AIDS cases in the world today since sexual intercourse is not required for cloning. The number of people that are HIV positive is increasing each year, and cloning just may be the solution to this worldwide epidemic. Cloning may also lead the way to find a cure for the AIDS virus. Cloning another human may have its benefits, but its drawbacks have tremendous effects on the human race as a whole.
To clone another life is like undoing God’s will without his consent, when you clone a human being you’re taking a huge risk. If God wanted his children to be identical then he would’ve created us equally, why are scientists trying to go against the will of God? “All people are special creations of God …

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