Title: What is a Comet Exactly Aristotelian Philosophers vs

The Aristotelian philosophers decided that comets were disasters that happened in the atmosphere of the earth. Comets were not permanent in the atmosphere. Since they appeared and disappeared, the comets "fuzzy-glow" appearance changed. This led the philosophers to, without human intervention; consign the comets to the orb between the Moon and the Earth. They were able to do this by position studies of the heavens. The Aristotelian philosophers came to the conclusion that comets were caused by the rubbing of the orb's turning against the upper levels of the air.(Sobel, 88)
Galileo disagreed with the Aristotelian philosophers about the location of comets. Galileo believed that comets dwelled in the Earth's atmosphere, contrary to dwelling in the orb between the Earth and the Moon. Galileo considered comets to be out of the ordinary illuminations in the air. He did not think that comets were from the heavens. He concluded that they were more than likely only mirror images of sunlight rebounded off of high-altitude steams.(Sobel, 89)
Honestly, I do not agree with either Aristotelian philosophers or Galileo whole heartedly. I do agree that comets are atmospheric disturbances, but I do not agree that they are in between the Earth and the Moon. I also agree that comets are in the atmosphere, but I also disagree that comets are merely reflections of the sun. Maybe I have these views because of what I have been taught in my many years in school. If I had to make my own explanation for comets without any of the knowledge that I have today I would simply says that a comet was a huge shooting star that only appeared once and a while. To better explain this concept I would say that a comet was the grandfather of all shooting stars. It was bigger that any shooting star and only appeared once in a lifetime. When I

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