Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is a type of energy that produces electricity and other forms of power through the use of water. The tides in places that naturally hold water, such as lakes and oceans, make the water able to produce this energy. This energy that causes the power is held in tidal waters. There is so much potential energy in the earth’s oceans and other natural water containers that is not being used, but could be. (Tidal Energy)
The method of using tidal energy for power dates back to the 11th century. In that century, mechanical energy was produced by having water run through a water wheel. The water wheel turned as a result of this, powering whatever was intended to be powered. In modern day, tidal energy is used to produce electricity through the rise and fall of the tides. This provides electricity for coastal areas. (Tidal Energy)
The coastal areas are the only places where electricity may come from tidal energy, unfortunately. Just because the area is a coastal one does not mean the area’s electricity can come from tidal energy. Thefirst restriction is the area must have generally high tides. An ideal place for tidal energy to produce power is the Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada. The tides in the Bay of Fundy reach up to seventeen meters (these are the highest tides in the world). The tides must have at least a five meter difference between high and low tides. The higher the tides are, the more power will be produced,
therefore, coastal areas with high tides are ideal so that there will be sufficient power for the area since tidal energy can only be produced twice a day, at high tide. (Tidal Energy)
Another restriction for an area to be able to use tidal energy is the area must be financially able to afford this form of power. In the area that holds the water, a dam must be installed, as well as gates and turbines. Ideally, an area with a narrow opening is best for this so that less money will

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