Three kings quarry

The extraction of scoria comprises machine excavation from the cliff face or floor of the quarry where scoria is also extracted and processed on thatsite. Excavated material is transported on the trucks to the processing plant located on the centre of the site. The raw product is produced into various grades of useful material through several stages of crushing, screening and handling by conveyors.
The finished products are transported to the stockpiles on the site awaiting sale and transport off the site.
Layers of irregular intrusions are hard basalt stone which are associated with scoria that requires techniques other than excavations to break down the hardness. To do this, techniques used include a variety of drilling, blasting with explosives and rock breaking which have all been used previously in the past.Once these have been reduced into manageable sizes, it is then processed in a way scoria is also processed, or sold in large pieces for incorporation projects such as coastal protection works.
Output from the quarry varies according to demand. It follows the cyclic nature of the construction industry and the scale of projects involved. The weight to strength surface area vesicular structure and colour of the scoria's varied unique properties, sees it being used, for domestic drainage, landscaping jobs, infrastructure projects and many more.
The quarry output grew steadily with the development of the surrounding community and reached its present capacity in the 1950s. Mines returns and company records show that annual production has exceeded 200,000 tones, but that demand averages 160,000 to 180,000 tonnes per year.

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