Thomas Paine

From the British point of view, Thomas Paine's arguments are flawed for several reasons.Even though he is from England, Paine is pro-American.Many people from Great Britain argue the opposite of Thomas Paine's opinions.One of his strong opinions was that Great Britain did not protect America for America's sake, but to protect her interest in the colonies. Paine claims, "…her motive was interest not attachment; and that she did not protect us from our enemies on our account, but from her enemies on her own account…."The British point of view is that Great Britain is protecting the American colonies because the British rule them, and have a vested interest in their well being.Great Britain benefits from the rich farmland that provides "foodstuffs" as well as many advantages economically and politically in owning America.
The British want America to remain their possession, no matter that America is large and Britain is an island.Thomas Paine emphatically states, "In no instance hath nature made the satellite larger than its primary planet; and as England and America… [reverse] the common order of nature…."In other words, Paine means that the size of the land matters because America is a continent and Great Britain is an island.Therefore, an island should not rule America and America is capable of protecting herself.On the contrary, the British point of view is that they should continue to rule America, since they founded the colonies.As the parent country, Great Britain protects American colonists from their enemies, as well as having commerce with them.Therefore, America has no right to break off from Great Britain and start their own country.
In conclusion, Great Britain thinks that America is not self-sufficient and she needs Great Britain's protection.Great Britain does not want to lose America as their colony because keeping it benefits Great B

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