Thomas Hobbes

Analysis of the importance of Hobbes theory to International Relations
I chose to analyze the extract of the book of Thomas Hobbes, The Leviathan. When Hobbes talks about the insecurity environment in which the man develops, he starts from the assumption that all men are evil, that evilness is a fundamental part of him and his quintessence. The nature of men is to live in society to interact with its others counterparts and to develop strategies and mechanisms to guarantee its safety and its progress in the world and in the society which he lives. When these two innate characteristics of men converge, then the problem its created, the reciprocal insecurity that Hobbes describe is now created and men has a new issue to deal with, and for Hobbes it is a matter of survival, men has to create his own ways and learn how to look up for himself in this permanent danger and insecurity that he lives.
So, the question is raised: How can men overcome this sate of nature and survive? For Hobbes there is only one possible answer, if we part from the premise that nature of men is evil, and that all individuals are selfish and look up only for themselves then its easy to conclude that the only possible way for man to survive is to develop and to apply his evilness towards his fellow integrants of society. We have to think ahead of others and in order to achieve our goals and to advance we have to foresee the evil intentions of others that want to surpass us and that want to destroy us in order to achieve their goals. We have to be as selfish as possible, think ahead, always be ready to attack and to defend our interests, no matter what, because our primordial goal is to survive this hostile sate of nature, think in ourselves and only do and act according to this way of thinking.
However, this is a vicious circle; in preparing to defend oneself, the consequence might be the creation of a more insecure and hostile environment, it does not matte…

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