This is a lab report on Drug Analysis- Color Tests

Objective:To detect how different reagents can beusedindrugtesting
Materials and Methods/Procedures:Aclean,dryporcelainspotplate,
toothpicks, drug samples of caffeine, ibuprofen,phenacetin,quinine,and
salicylic acid were obtained, as werereagentsLiebermann,sulfuricacid
and ferric chloride.The spot plate waslabeledandcolorchangeswere
noted after applyingindividualdrugsandreagentsintheirrespected
Results:The immediate results forLiebermann’sreagentwere:caffeine-
yellow,ibuprofen-orange,phenacetin-darkpurple,quinine-light brown,
salicylic acid-reddish brown and an unknown sample-dark orange. Afterone
minute,theresultsofLiebermann’s reagent were: caffeine-yellow,
ibuprofen-red brown, phenacetin-dark purple, quinine-light brown,salicylic
acid-red brown, and an unknown agent-dark orange.Theimmediateresults
for Sulfuric acid were:caffeine-nochange,ibuprofen-irony,phenacetin-
clear, quinine-yellow (green), salicylicacid-nochange,andanunknown
sample-no change.After one minute, theresultsofSulfuricacidwere:
caffeine-tint of red, ibuprofen-tintofpink,phenacetin-clear,quinine-
light yellow, salicylic acid-no change, andanunknownsample-nochange.
The immediate results for Ferric chloridewere:caffeine-yellow(orange),
ibuprofen-yellow, phenacetin-yellow, quinine-orange, salicylicacid-purple,
and an unknown sample-dark purple.After one minute, the results ofFerric
chloride were: caffeine-yellow (orange), ibuprofen-dark yellow,phenacetin-
very dark yellow, quinine-brown (dark orange), salicylicacid-darkpurple,
Discussion:The reagents had an effect on almost all of thedrugsamples,
with many of them continuing to change color after one minute.

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