Third World Sweatshops: The In

Men, women and even children in several third world countries work eighteen to twenty-four hour shifts for pennies a day. They aren't protected by United State's labor laws and are commonly faced with unsafe and unfair working environments. Often times their own country's labor laws are overlooked as well. For centuries it has been a common business practice to exploit labor in poor nations around the world. This not only harms already poor economic climates abroad, but also takes away from our economy here in the United States. Many people believe that companies should be held responsible for the conditions facing their foreign workers.
Even before the United States was a country, wealthy business men have been looking for ways to exploit labor in order to reduce their costs and increase their profits. In the 1700's a law was passed that forced all the poor and homeless people in Britain to labor in "workhouses". "The running of workhouses was often handed over to a contractor who would, for an agreed price, feed and house the poor. He would also provide the inmates with work and benefit from any income generated. This system was known as ‘farming’ the poor."(Higginbotham) These were some of the most profitable production facilities that ever existed. Yet they also had the most exploited labor force ever seen, many of whom were forced to work for in return for a scarce amount of food and shelter.
Once the United States became a country, African people were imported to be bought and sold like animals, in order to work as laborers for wealthy farmers. This gave American plantation owners a great increase to their profits by eliminating their labor expenses altogether. Yet it also forced years of hardship and slavery onto generations of African people. Beatings and other cruel treatment was a way of life for these tortured people.
Although exploited labor has gotten increasingly less sever…

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