Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far

“trying to look good limits my life” and “everything I do always comes back to me” are two of my favorites. I have always admired Stefan Sagmeister’s ability to bring together a sincerity of purpose with a lot of (obvious) fun in the realization of his projects. I myself had a lot of fun reading and looking at this “book”, after having seen the same titled show in New York City, detecting details that escaped me at the very crowded gallery, chuckling at the whimsy and imagination that went into it. As in “Made You Look”, Stefan wraps his pieces with delightful and sometimes very personal stories and anecdotes, which definitely adds to the overall impression that this is not just another design book, it’s a great way to meet an artist/designer who has something to say, and who does it well. I bought five copies at the show, they make great gifts. Maybe I should have waited for the amazon discount, though. Highly recommended.

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