Things Fall Apart

Authorial Information:Chinua Achebe was born and grew up in the Ibo village of Ogidi when Nigeria was still a British colony.Although Achebe won a scholarship to study medicine, his love of literature and growing involvement with African nationalism changed his career.The nationalism movement after World War II brought with it a new sense of African self-awareness and confidence, and it occurred to Achebe that he and his fellow Africans might have their own stories to tell.Achebe's insight made him question the colonial-era notion that African culture was inferior to the culture the European colonist had grafted onto Africa, usually be force.As a gesture defining his roots.Achebe dropped hisfirst name, Albert, which his parents had given him in honor of Queen Victoria's husband.
In 1958, while working for the Nigerian Broadcasting Company, Achebe published hisfirst novel, Things Fall Apart.The novel tells of and Ibo man whose personal life is ruined as a result of colonial pressures.This was thefirst of three novels that Achebe wrote to explore the Ibo past and the destructive effects of colonialism on African cultures and on individual Africans.
In 1960, the new nation of Nigeria, with over two hundred ethnic groups, was not a unified country.The four largest ethnic groups, the Ibo, Hausa, Fuliani, and Yoruba, were constantly fighting for land and power.Many of the frictions originated in the groups' very different religions, languages, and outlook on life.Eventually, in 1967, things fell apart.Achebe was one of the many Ibo who unsuccessfully tries to secede from Nigeria and establish a new republic called Biafra.In the worst months of the bloody, three-year civil war, about twelve thousand people, mostly children, starved to death each day.Overall, somewhere between one million and two million people died-many of them from disease and hunger.Several stories in Achebe's st…

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