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Can animals detect natural disasters?Can animals detect minor personal events like coming home from work?That is what I will try to answer today.Some animals have other senses, some of those are unexplained, and some may have the ability to detect disasters or minor events.However at our current state of knowledge and technology all humans can do is speculate.
A number scientific studies have proven that penguins in the Antarctic are moving north towards the equator because of cooling in the poles, is it noticeable yet, no, and is it going to affect the penguins eventually, yes it will.So who told the penguins that in the years to come, that it will be uncomfortably cold, was it me, was it you, I think not.However they found out about this scary phenomenon, it certainly brings up some interesting questions.
Rats are known to evacuate a building prior to earthquake or a fire; this point that has been tried, tested and true can raise an eyebrow.Many of the World Trade Center survivors of the terrorist attacks on September 11th have said they had seen rats fleeing the site before and during that incident.Since the disaster at the world trade center was not a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane, to think how rats could have known prior to the actual event is amazing. This also brings up another question "Why were there rats in the world trade center, and if they were there then where else are these elusive creatures."
On a more domestically proven note, my own dog Cozmo, a Jack Russell Terrier, consistently barks before the arrival of the people who give me a ride to school in the morning. Nearly all breeds of dogs have been known to bark at potentially dangerous people. It does raise interest to know how a seemingly simple minded dog is aware of things beyond human comprehension.
Also a number of animals have another sense in addition to ours, which include sight

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