These Colors don’t Run but They do Burn

These Colors Don;t Run, But They Do Burn
The famous phrase, ;…give me liberty, or give me death,; was articulated by the revolutionary thinker Patrick Henry and has since become a mantra for the people of the United States of America. However, many may never think about the myriad implications this phrase carries with it. In contemporary America many issues concerning censorship have arrived at the forefront of intellectual and social debate ; one such issue is that of flag burning, and more specifically whether or not incarceration or fines should be imposed on those who commit the said act. Nonetheless, a contention exists that not only should fines and penalties not be imposed on flag burners but moreover, that the act should not be a culpable action; as flag burning is just another facet of civil rights demonstrations.
Flag burning is an extremely imperative issue in contemporary America; especially due to the war the country is now involved in, i.e. ;The War on Terrorism.; So, a question Americans should ask is whether or not demonstrations such as flag burning are acceptable ; as many Americans already have. As far as a judicial standpoint is concerned, flag burning is emphatically illicit, ;…all states have enacted laws making desecration of the flag a crime, and in 1968 Congress barred anyone from knowingly casting contempt upon an American flag by publicly mutilating, defacing, defiling, burning, or trampling it; (Sexton, Brandt 184-5). Therefore, the question is not simply one of legality, but rather one of civic duty, and adherence to the implied laws and regulations set down by the Constitution in accordance with the willingness of Americans to comprehend purpose behind a specific illegal civil demonstration.
No doubt exists that when a person commits an act akin to flag burning it enrages the vehement jingoism of some, and the reasonable nationalism of others. To…

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