Theories of the Universe

There are many theories on how the universe came to be. After reading several articles I have found 4 theories in three articles that I find to be the most intriguing. Three of the four articles deal with new theories, and one of the four articles give evidence to support the Big Bang Theory. I have chosen this topic because, I found it one of the most interesting topics we discussed in our class during the discussion of "the origin of the universe."
In thefirst article, titled When Branes Collide a theory call the Epyrotic Theory states that the universe existed in static state for trillions of years; long before the period of fifteen millions that the big bang claims. Then, fifteen million years ago another universe, in another dimension, crashed into our universe. This collision caused our universe to heat up and expand into the universe, as we know it today.
According to the theory there are branes (membranes) that exists in five dimensions. Some of these membranes that exist in this five dimensional space are "infinitely long, parallel planes that are close correspondence to our universe (Cowen)." Also, there maybe other universes floating in the fifth dimension, but can't be seen because particles and light can't travel threw this dimension. This fifth dimension is of infinite size and contains three-dimensional membranes that are on either side.
In the original theory a third membrane comes off of the original membrane opposite of ours and collides with it; this in turn ignites the Big Bang. However, if this were to happen, the universe would contract rather than expand.
In the new modified theory, one of the membranes moves steadily towards the other membrane, as they move closer and closer to each other the fifth dimension shrinks and the finally collapses after the membranes touch. Then, after the membranes touch the bounce off of each other causing the universe to expand and recreating…

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