Theme Essay on the Monkey’s Paw

I think the theme of this story is basically, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. ” An obvious part of the story that supports the theme is when Mr. White makes his first wish. At first unsure of what to wish for, Herbert – clearly skeptical of the paws magical abilities – suggests to wish for 200 pounds to pay the mortgage. When the next day comes around and the two hundred pounds Mr. White wished for isn’t there, Herbert and Mrs. White are not surprised. Mr. White tells them that people often mistake coincidence for granted wishes.

They then go bout their day as usual, with Herbert leaving for work and Mr. and Mrs. White staying home. Hours later, a stranger comes knocking at their door to tell the Whites that their son had died in an accident at his work, and gave them 200 pounds as compensation. Another part supporting the theme is when the second wish of the monkey’s paw is made. A week after burying Herbert, Mrs. White wakes her husband in the middle of the night and tells him to use the monkey’s paw and wish Herbert back to life. Mr. White is extremely reluctant, but his wife is insistent and he soon gives n and makes the wish.

Soon after, they hear knocking on the door. Mr. White instantly regrets making that wish and – before Mrs. White can open the door – finds the monkey’s paw and makes his third and final wish. The knocking stops, and Mr. White looks outside to see that nobody is there. The first wish supports the theme because even with the Sergeant’s warning, Mr. White wished for something and wasn’t careful to state how he wanted to get the money. He also didn’t think of the consequences that could happen when he made that wish. The second wish is another good example of the theme because Mrs.

White was too sad over her son dying that she didn’t take some important factors into account when she asked to bring him back to life like the fact that Herbert’s body was badly mangled after the accident at work and his body has been rotting for a week already. In conclusion, The Monkey’s Paw is a good example of what happens when you don’t think things through and try to mess with things that shouldn’t be messed with. It’s an entertaining story. I think everyone can take a bit of wisdom with them after reading this story.

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