The Youth and AIDS and HIV

I don't think that it's just the young people of Americas fault. Some of it we have to blame on the music we listen too and the things we see on TV. Granted we can block or restrict what we watch and listen too. But young people still do watch it and listen to there favorite actors or musicians either saying this stuff or acting it out.
After being presented with the statistics and facts, I am astonished and horrified that so little attention is given to this issue. I think that people think that they can hear something and do nothing about it because it doesn't pertain to them, or they don't know enough about it to do anything about it. We really should start to take things in our world seriously and not just take them as an individual's problem. We can't just leave it as it is because more and more people will start to obtain the disease and it will become an epidemic.
In conclusion us as citizens of Elkhart Indiana the county with the highest AIDS and HIV rate in Indiana we should inform others of the discoveries that we have made in the discussion we had with the speakers. If everyone would just become more educated in that subject the world would be a better place with less unneeded deaths. I also think that if teens and adults alike were to shut off the TV sets and turn off the radios and think for themselves they might be able to end this epidemic for good.

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