the world of architecture

This article starts out by showing the importance of the relationship between visual and social aspects of life. The visible side of the design process becomes very important because it is important to design something that is going to be pleasing to all that have to see it and to all that have to go to that particular building on a day-to-day basis.However, when you design, you must not only consider the visual aspect but also the technique in which you are going to design.Drawing and planning many times in your head and on paper is essential in order to create a design that is going to be effective. If you do not do all the planning necessary in order to improve your design then it will show and your design will not be as aesthetically pleasing as you would like for it to be.
When designing and drawing it is necessary to remember that some things have to be ignored in order to bring out the usefulness and beauty in some other aspect of the design.Architectural drawings take a certain aspect of a building and then from that aspect they create a new way to represent it. They will take the small section and then maximize its benefits and therefore, be able to show the people effective uses of that space.
During the middle eighteenth century a new way to represent interiors came along. In all actuality this way was already present but they just found a way to modify the method and therefore apply it "to a new subject matter: the room" (Evans 125).At this time the only way to show the inside of a building was to do a section of that building but the problem was that the section only showed one side of the room. Soon people began drawing three drawings in orthographic style and therefore show three different sides of the rooms.
The developed surface drawing is an essential way to represent a room and all the aspects of that room. The developed surface drawing is much more effective than that of a circuit plan.A circ…

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