The Whitetail Deer

The Whitetail deer is a very well known animal in America.They are found
almost everywhere in the United States as well as Canada.They are exceedingly graceful
and well natured creatures.Their natural aptitude and agility help them to survive and
Depending on their sex, the whitetail deer usually grow up to three and a half feet
tall, and weigh fifty to two hundred pounds.In the north, the deer reaches its greatest size
at four feet tall and nearly two hundred pounds.On the other hand, in the south, they
barely weigh one hundred pounds.During the summer and fall, their fur is reddish
brown, and in the winter and spring, it is blue-gray.The most recognized feature of the
male, is its antlers.The two main beams in which the horns originate from, grow from
the head backwards and later go forward.During the growth of the antlers, a living
tissue, called velvet forms, which is very sensitive to the touch.Amazingly, the antler
tissue can grow as much as one half an inch daily.
Since the deer is not a predator, it relies on instinct and agility to survive.The
whitetail deer is able to jump up to eight feet, and can run up to thirty-five miles per hour.
The Whitetail’s territory is mainly farmlands, brushy areas, and forests, in which they do
not stray far from in order for quick escape, other than breeding season.Whitetail deer
eat a variety of things including; green plants, acorns, nuts, corn, and buds of birch.
During the month of November, the males fight fierce battles for possession of the
does.This time is known as mating season.Around May, the young fawns are born.
Their weight ranges from three to eight pounds at birth, but will double in size during the
following two weeks.They have white spots on their backs.

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