The Whistler

Korea, a peninsula about the same size as Minnesota, is divided in two separate countries. South Korea, a country slightly larger than Indiana, is surrounded by islands mainly to the south and west. It is bordered by the Yellow Sea to the south, the Sea of Japan (known in Korea as the East Sea) to the east, and the Korea Bay to the west (Korea, South). Mostly green swathed mountains with only 290 square kilometers of water cover South Korea (Geography of South Korea). Its neighbor North Korea, a country about the same size as New York or Louisiana, is located between China and South Korea, the Korea Bay to the west, and the East Sea to the east (Korea, North). North Korea is covered mostly by hills and mountains separated by deep, narrow valleys (Geography of North Korea).
An area called the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) divides North and South Korea. The DMZ is a heavily guarded four kilometer wide strip of land that stretches across the peninsula at approximately the thirty eighth parallel for a distance of two hundred forty one kilometers with the east side south of the thirty eighth parallel and the west side north of the thirty eighth parallel (Korean Demilitarized Zone). The DMZ is an area of Korea that no one is allowed to explore. The area has been isolated since 1970 when barbed wire construction was completed (Green Korea).
The Dhole (also known as the Red-dog), an endangered, very rare species of canid, used to be found throughout Korea. It is possible that a few wild populations may still remain in North Korea and the DMZ. Without being able to explore the DMZ no one can be sure if the Red-dog is thriving there or not. The Red-dog is a large (about the size of a border collie), beautiful, doglike canid with thick colorful fur ranging from a deep cinnamon to a greyish brown and even a yellowish creamy color, with white patches on the throat, legs and face. Their tail is usually tipped in black, with a darkened area on their…

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