The War Against Global Warming

Many scientists believe that the warming of the earth will eventually bring an end to the planet.This warming is described by the term, global warming.Global warming is not just a phase of the earth process.Global warming is a direct result of pollution caused by the earth's inhabitants and the situation will only get worse unless stronger regulations are imposed on industries.There are many human caused factors and effects of this ugly force of nature.
According to some scientists global warming is just an explanation to the natural cycle of the earth.In a small way this statementis true, however the increase in temperature over the last century does not compare to the normal increase that should effect the earth (Henson 34).Intense warming of the earth began with the Industrialization Age which caused a significant increase in pollution.Not only factories are creating the pollution, but power plants and automobiles links to the pollution (Global 1-2).
Due to the overwhelming increase in temperatures over the last century, many negative effects are accruing across the world.The global average temperature in 1998 was 58 degrees.This temperature was a full degree higher than the 1961-1990 average (Hot 1).With this increase in heat, disease and extremely intense weather, such as increased numbers of hurricanes and tornados, have plagued the earth (Global 2).Many people have lost there lives just because of an increase in temperature.
Inhabitants of the earth can expect the increasing trend of bad weather and disease if nothing drastic is done to combat the pollution.First the government must recognize the importance in cutting carbon dioxide pollution from power plants (Global 2).Several campaigns have already provided a great building block for the battle against global warming.The Kyoto Protocol is one of these programs that are the very beginning in fighting the release of carbon dioxide and …

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