The Vewrious Bombs Using Nuclear Energy

What isnuclear energy?There are two forms
of bombs using nuclear energy, the atomic
bomb and the hydrogen bomb.In all of these
bombs contains a very explosive energy,
nuclear energy.Nuclear energy refers to the
energy consumed or produced in modifying
the composition of the atomic nucleus.This
fundamental form of energy provides the
atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb with their
First, is the atomic bomb.The atomic
bomb is an explosive device that depends
upon the release of energy in a nuclear
reaction known as fission, which is the splitting
of atomic nuclei.With a release of energy
about a million times greater than an equal
weight of chemical high-explosive, it was the
most impressive and disturbing application of
science during World War II.That mass could
be converted into energy was predicted by
Albert Einstein early in the century and
Cockcroft and Ernest Walton in 1932.But not
until 1939, when an entirely new phenomenon
was discovered by Otto Hahn and Fritz
Strassmann, did a net gain of energy appear
possible.Neutrons striking the element
uranium caused it to fission into fragments
having less mass than the original atom.This
mass loss appeared as the energy of motion of
the fragments and in emitted radiation.
Secondly, is the hydrogen bomb.The
hydrogen bomb, or H-bomb, is a nuclear
weapon in which light atomic nuclei of
uncontrolled nuclear fusion reaction to release
hydrogen bomb is about a thousand times as
powerful as the atomic bomb, or A-bomb,
which produces a nuclear fission explosion
about a million times more powerful than
comparably sized bombs using conventional
The A-bomb was a necessaryfirst step
toward the development of the H-bomb.
Before the A-bomb was developed by the
United States during World War II, there was

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