Potassium, which is the nineteenth element in the Periodic Table, influences the health of all living
things. Whether it be used in a medicine or in certain amounts in dietary supplements, it helps all
living things to improve the quality of life. Potassium has many uses, ranging from those of
everyday life to those in rare circumstances. Although potassium may be a necessity to the
maintenance of life, its intake must be regulated. It is known that too much of a good thing can be
harmful, and this theory applies to potassium, as well. If potassium is taken in the correct doses, it
can be a very helpful element in the improvement of the quality of life.
Potassium is very important in the human body. Along with sodium, it regulates the water
balance and the acid-base balance in the blood and tissues. It helps to generate and regulate
muscle contractions and heart beat. Potassium participates in the synthesis of protein from amino
acids in the cell. It also functions in carbohydrate metabolism, and it is active in glycogen and
glucose metabolism. This process is responsible for converting glucose to glycogen that can be
stored in the liver for future energy. Potassium is important for normal growth and for building
muscle, and should be an abundant part of the diet of all living things. The most efficient way of
providing one's body is by shifting to natural, potassium foods and away from high-salt foods,
lose weight if needed, and follow an exercise program to improve cardiovascular
tone and physical stamina. This would be called the "natural diet." It is known to help maintain
normal blood pressure and possibly lower high blood pressure. Foods which help these causes are
fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which are foods that have a very low sodium content. Some
include leafy green vegetables such as spinach, parsley, and lettuce, as well as broccoli, peas, lima
beans, toma…

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