The Universe and the Cosmological Argument

Cosmology has always been an interesting area of study for me. For as long as I can remember, every time I look up at the night sky, a million questions pop into my head. Questions such as “Is there intelligent life out there?” “How large is space, does it expand infinitely, if it does, what does it expand into?” These and many other questions still plague my mind. We can define Cosmology as the study of the heavens as a whole, including theories about its origin, evolution, large-scale structure, and future.
I would agree with this description and would like to explain my point of view of the topics that Cosmology covers. Personally, I tend to believe that the big bang theory may have an explanation for the current state of our universe. The idea that all of this exploded from a super mass isn’t too hard to believe. It gives good reason to the expansion of the universe, and the 360-degree view of the universe (this because the explosion would have sent mass outward in every direction), but I wouldn’t think of it as the origin of the universe. I mean, in my mind, something had to be there to cause this super mass. Was the universe contracting until it formed this huge mass?
I believe that we may never know how the universe came about, rather have some idea as to what came directly before it’s current state as well as before that and so on. We could come up with ideas until we die, and someone would just continue in our footsteps. I do have one idea as to how this super mass which is the being behind the big bang theory came to be one mass. Scientists, as well as philosophers and just about anyone you talk to, can tell you that the universe is still expanding today, possibly because of the big bang. Though no one could tell you how this super mass came to be, or how it originated. I believe that there is a never-ending cycle of the expansion and contraction of the entire universe. The universe as we know it now is in a state of e…

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