The Tortilla Curtain

Delaney is definitely one that dominates Part II, Chapter 3 of The Tortilla Curtain. Delaney is still considered the liberal humanist, who believes in nature and feels that everyone should have right whether legal or illegal, but you can start to see him slowly evolve into a more reactionary racist, fueled by his anger of the accident and everything happening to him. Delaney has openness to anything around him such as his work but yet he is conscientiousness of everything that he does and what his family does.

You see Delaney changing in this chapter by words he is using such as this statement he made to Kara, ” Mexicans,” Delaney said, and there was no hesitation anymore, no reluctance to identify people by their ethnicity, no overlay of liberal-humanist guilt. Mexicans, there were Mexicans everywhere. ” Kara is conscientiousness about everything that she does, whether it being how her work has to be just perfect for the clients or how Jordan has to eat exactly what she wants him to eat. She is also an extroversion.

She has so much energy and positive emotions that she puts into her job as a realtor. At the end of Part II, Chapter 3 of The Tortilla Curtain, I feel that Kara is starting to feel like she is losing control over things in her live. First, Severely and now Sobers has been captured by the coyote that she can’t seem to control by putting up a fence. THEME Immigrants “Mexicans” need to be stopped is one theme in this chapter. Kara has had enough and she doesn’t want the scene of so many of them being seen by the 7-eleven on the boulevard as potential home buyers are driving by.

She believes that’s the sort of thing they’re moving away from and she wants a good impression on the neighborhood. Another Theme in Part II, Chapter 3 in The Tortilla Curtain, is walls of privacy. The community of Arroyo Blanch Estates wants to protect itself from intruders on their land and community. They don’t feel safe anymore since the attack on Sunny Demanding. They want to keep people that don’t live there out and they feel that putting up a wall will keep people and unwanted creatures out as well. A wall is a barrier to keep people and things out as well as to keep people and things in.

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