The Temperate Shrub Lands

A biome, also known as a life zone, is all the plants, animals, and other organisms in a particular area. It also includes the physical environment. A biome is composed of many ecosystems, smaller communities of organisms and their habitats. Biomes are characterized by its plant life. The plant life is determined by climatic conditions, latitude, and altitude.
Temperate shrub lands is a biome that occurs under warm climates. They can be found from 30° to 50° N and 30° to 40° S latitudes. The zone is located in most of the continents: the west coast of the United States, the west coast of South America, the Cape Town area of South Africa, the western tip of Australia and the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. Temperate shrub lands s exists in this mid-latitude climate and lie in a belt of prevailing westerly winds. This is why they tend to be on the west sides of continents. A prime example of a temperate shrub lands biome is located in the southern portion of California and into Baja California.
The temperate shrub lands biome has many different types of terrain. Some examples are flat plains, rocky hills and mountain slopes.
Temperate shrub lands is characterized as being very hot and dry. As for the temperature, the winter is very mild and is usually about 10 °C. The summer is so hot and dry at 40 °C, that fires and droughts are a very common occurrence.
This biome only gets about 10-17 inches of rain all year, and most of it comes in the winter. Because of the long period of dryness in the summer, only plants with hard leaves can survive, such as scrub oaks, chamiso shrubs, pines, cork, and olive trees. Many leaves are also hairy so they can collect the moisture out of the air and use it; this is an important adaptation for surviving the dry climate.
Temperate shrub lands can be identified by the chaparral. Chaparrals are dense thickets of shrubby plants occurring in these

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