The superstring theory

The Superstring Theory; A Future of Understanding?
Considering all of the scientific and technological advances that have occurred in the last century, one must conclude that the century to come is bound to make our heads spin. Time warps, hyperspace, parallel universes, and wormholes will no longer be science fiction. Our top physicists are closer than ever to bringing all of the forces of the universe into one master "framework." An alias for the superstring theory is the "theory of everything." The superstring theory brings together the four forces of the universe and leaves nothing unaccounted for.
The advances in physics lead us tomany intriguing ideas and possibilities. According to top physicists we will, one day, reach the level of technology needed to twist time and space into a pretzel creating wormholes linking distant parts of our universe. We could manipulate time and space and even create any imaginable matter. Michio Kaku could be more effective in his work Hyperspace "[A]ny civilization that masters the hyperspace theory (the theory that postulates that higher dimensions are the decisive step in creating a comprehensive theory that unites the laws of nature) will become Lord of the universe(p. 33)."
Becoming Lord of the universe may be beneficial to us; it may lead to a whole new understanding of life. However, it may also jeopardize the natural world. Our ethics and life values will be at risk if this new universe of "understanding" is conquered.
Although advances in technology are a vital part to our development as a civilization, the line where technology meets our ethics must not be crossed. It is very easy to become wrapped up in a world of machines because our lives become so much easier. It would be so easy to let machines do everything for us to improve our quality of life, but where do we stop cutting corners and do things ourselves? For…

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