The Storm Kate Chopin

Chopping story The Storm I see her writing supporting women’s rights and also an example of double standards. Double standards are a huge debate in today’s’ society, especially when it comes to sexual behavior. Men and women are biased differently when it comes to number of sexual partners and relationships. In The Storm I noticed many men in the class had a different opinion on the story than the women when it came to Calcite feeling guilty after she engaged in a sexual fantasy with Alice during the storm while her husband and son were way.

The question was asked during class whether it would be accepted the other way around, and many of the guys said no. This is a perfect example of a double standard. Many men believe it is acceptable for men to do something wrong rather than the woman. In the story, I believe this was one of the many ways Chopin was trying to get her point across when it came to the women’s rights movement. Chopin was a strong supporter of women’s rights, and double standards played a big role during that time, especially sexually.

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It goes way back to the Salem witch trials with adultery. Women are always found especially wrong when committing adultery, infidelity, or any other sexually wrong act. In her story, when Calcite performs infidelity with Alice, you see no regret or remorse during or after the deed. This was sure to spark debate during the women’s rights movement, and exampled within our class the perfect example of a double standard. Another double standard in the story was when you find out in chapter 4, that Alice had a wife back at home.

This changed everyone’s opinions on the story completely. You also find out that allele’s wife, Claries, is also sexually promiscuous back at home while Alice is away. Now that Chopin has illustrated that Allele’s wife had been promiscuous, many of the men in class were more accepting to what Calcite and Alice had done, but only because he was getting two timed as well. This examples’ that once the men saw that the man was being two timed, that it was k as long as one man and woman were equal.

I personally believe that Calcite was not guilty at all after her act because of the way she went about her normal life all happy as if nothing had even happened. The storm was very enjoyable to me. Loved being able to see the biased opinions of the men and women in class. If we could switch the roles, I truly believe that the men would find it perfectly acceptable and the women would be upset. Find Kate Chopping literature and writing very relatable because do not agree with the double standards we face in society today.

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