The Storm by Kate Chopin

I believe that adultery is taking place and it seems to e k with the two of them but as the reader I completely disagree with it. Just because there is no one there to see what wrong is being done doesn’t make it okay. I strongly disagree with lying and hiding things from those that you love and I don’t think that just because no one knows makes it k. I don’t believe that Alice is truly in love with his wife as it is portrayed in the story that he has these feelings for Calcite and lets his emotions get the best of him.

He writes a letter to his wife who is out of state and says she may stay longer that all is well. Alice clearly just cheated on his wife and completely k with it as he writes to her reassuring he is okay and for her to stay longer. I believe that he wants her to stay gone so that he may continue on with Calcite and not get caught. He and Calcite were happy as well as Bibb and Bonito after the storm has passed. The writer is persuading us to think that just cause Allele’s wife doesn’t have any idea that he has had relations with Calcite that it’s okay for Alice to continue on with what he is doing. So the storm has passed and everyone was happy” (Chopin 397) Bonito and Bibb were happy to be safe and mom without Calcite being mad and Calcite and Alice were happy Cause they just had intercourse and didn’t get caught. I believe Alice should be honest with his wife and get divorced rather than continue on living a lie. But Chopin seems to express that its fine for them to continue on without any regards of the people that can be hurt by their actions. Chopin states that the storm has passed and everyone is happy and Alice and Calcite can happily live with their wrong doings.

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I personally could not live with myself knowing I did what Alice has done ND not feel any guilt. The language in this story is very subtle and complex not really being out in the open of what Alice and Calcite did. “And when he possessed her, they seemed to swoon together at the very borderland of life’s mystery. ” (Chopin 396) this is the type of language used in the story and by reading it with no thought no one would have realized that they just had sex. But it’s made very clear that they experienced something of life’s mystery. If you read through this story with a closed mind you don’t get what the author is really trying to say.

You have to really read into his context and put the pieces together to fully understand the story being told. Bibb and Bonito came home scared thinking that Calcite was going to be angry towards them but she was happy and far from mad after her experience with Alice. I can’t imagine why someone would not be mad at their kids after them being gone in the middle of the storm not knowing if they were okay or not unless you just had a release of emotions like Calcite did. So it has been made very clear that Alice and Calcite have had sex and everyone is pappy.

Chopin makes the assumption that Calcite and Alice are both happy cause of what they did together, the storm and Allele’s wife being gone is what allowed this to happen. Alice has no remorse cause his wife does not know what he has done and its made clear he wants it to happen again because he writes his wife a letter saying all is well and to stay longer if she like. Bibb and Bonito assume there mother is not mad at them cause they had brought her shrimp from the market and that had made her forget about how worried she had been about hem while the storm was going on.

When really what was going on is she was happy cause of how Alice made her feel and that covered up her feeling of uneasiness when Bibb and Bonito where gone out in the storm. “Bonito and Bibb began to relax and enjoy themselves… ” (Chopin 397) So everything is going well after the storm and everyone has been made happy by their own hidden motives. Chopin did well in his choice of language in which he wrote this story, many stories can be understood throughout this writing it just depends on how pep you think into it and how you put it together.

It is stated that everyone is happy at the end of the story but believe Chopin could have given more insight into how Alice feels about his wife after what has taken place and he could have elaborated more on what came of the situation between Calcite and Alice. This work is very clever on how it is written and several different perspectives can be derived from is according to how you think about it. Personally I would have but more detail on the emotions flowing throughout the story of Alice and Calcite ether than the detail of the storm.

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