The Star

?gThe Star?h, wrote by author Clarke, transits through a series of fantastic plots, such as the spaceship, the outer space, and the life of lost civilization, has discussed retrospectively about the universe though astrophysical and religious perspectives. Facing our future, the narrator became disappointed and disapproved of what would happen to us as his ?gfaith has failed?h (p. 304). The loveliness of the lost civilization has intensified the conflict between god?fs nature of love and his purpose of destroy. Meanwhile, another group of scientists, on an educational channel, had an argument of not fallacious combining the two sensitive topics.
The science and the religion naturally could not explain one by another due to their incongruity. According to the Webster dictionary, the science is a subject studying about the ?gnatural?h, however, another subject religion is dealing with the ?gsuper natural?h. The narrator seems like believe in faith at fist. Faith could be emotional appearance of the truth, which the modern scientific structure is built on. The coincident theory says: ?ga single assigned value, theory, and classic law do not make themselves valuable, but the organic knowledge system, together makes all the individual parts meaningful.
Scientist should not simply explain the mysteries phenomena by God besides the common knowledge, with no academic attitude leading toward the higher truth. When the society developed to relatively advanced stage, the people were trying to look backward to honoring their triumph and to seek the reason that has led them to the current situation. If there is no evidence available for them to research and prove, childhood and dreamy imagines like ?ga group of children on a beach of strange blue sand, playing in the waves as children play on the earth?h (p. 306), were often used to fulfill the emptiness of their mind. The religion thereby satisfies the immature human brain.

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