The Split Personalities of Raskolnikov

Fyodor Dostoevsky is best known for bone chilling tells of murder and suffering. This is blamed on the years that he spent in prison. While in prison he became fascinated with crime. In the novel Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky creates a character, Raskolnikov,who commits the worst crime possible-murder. Raskolnikov is in reality two contradicting personalities.
One of the best examples of Raskolnikov's dual personality is when he tries to help a girl on the street who has been raped. His compassionate side tries to protect her from the evil of the street. Then his cold and unfeeling side comes through and he is repulsed by the wickedness of our society. He decides to leave her alone and says to the policeman “Stop! What is it to you? Drop it! Let him amuse himself.” (Part I, Chapter IV, Pg. 47).
This is how Raskolnikov is able to commit the crime. His intellectual side ignores his conscience and he is able to commit the crime. It is his dual character that serves as his punishment. One side of him is able to commit the murders so the other must bear the punishment. This is the good side of Raskolnikov. He is tortured by the cruelty of mankind and yet he himself is able to repeat it.
When Raskolnikov goes home with Marmeladov he leaves some money in the windowsill of their house. Atfirst Raskolnikov feels generous and happy. This is the good and caring side of his personality showing through. Then he almost turns around and repents for his actions. He says to himself “What a stupid thing to do, since after all they have Sonia and I need it myself.” (Part I, Chapter II, pg. 24) This is the cruel and unforgiving side exploding through as he repents for giving the money to the family.
Another example is when Raskolnikov goes into the tavern. Before going in the tavern he is very unsociable and has not really carried on a conversation with anyone but the pawnbroker. This is his

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