the spetacled bear

The Spectacled Bear, or Tremarctos Ornatus, is an endangered species. This rare bear can only be found in a few
elusive spots in the world. Many endangered species all over the world don't deserve the respect and care that they
need. That is why many endangered species often become extinct or remain on the endangered species list for the
remainder of their survival on Earth. Today, as more species become endangered, more people become involved in
their care. Many things are being done to save endangered species, including safe, poacher-free environments in
captivity, and wildlife preservations, to name a few. Only a handful of zoos and sanctuaries around the globe are
lucky enough to be able to try to breed and care for rare endangered species.
The Phoenix Zoo is an example of this. Right now, they have captive many endangered species, including the almost
extinct Mexican Wolf and Spectacled Bear. In their newest exhibit, called "The Forest of Uco," the Phoenix Zoo has
Spectacled bears and other animals from South America, the Spectacled Bears' homeland. The Forest is a great
place for the Spectacled Bears to exist, and a great place for everyone to observe their beauty.
The Spectacled Bear's name is derived from their markings. Around their eyes, the Spectacled Bear has white rings,
contrasting with their dark brown bodies. These look like spectacles, hence the name. Though it is quite easy to see
why they got their name, the Spectacled bears do not live up to it so strongly. When observed closely, Spectacled
Bears, in most cases, don't have spectacles at all. In fact, most Spectacled Bears have white "sideburns" or faint
rings. They are a beautiful species, no matter what the extent of their markings is.
Spectacled Bears belong to the class Mammalia, order Carnivora, family Ursidae, and genus/species Tremarctos
Ornatus. All bears belong to Mamm…

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