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Teen Depression

Teen depression is a big issue in the United States today.Approximately 4 out of 100 teenagers get seriously depressed each year.Depression is a serious illness that can affect your entire life.It can affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior and overall health.Most people who have depression don't get help for it, which will affect their entire life.There are two types of depression.One is the sad kind, which is called major depression (unipolar disorder).And the second one is called manic-depressive disorder (bipolar disorder).

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Major depression (unipolar disorder)
Symptoms for this type of depression are typically depressed, irritable, and/or anxious.They may appear miserable, with furrowed brows, down turned corners of the mouth, slumped posture, poor eye contact, and monosyllabic (or absent) speech.Sleep disorders are common. In some, the mood is so deep that their tears dry up and the patient complains of an inability to experience usual emotions, including grief, joy, and pleasure. Also feeling that the world has become colorless, lifeless, and dead.For such patients, being able to cry again is usually a sign of improvement.

Manic-depressive disorder (bipolar disorder)
Bipolar disorder is caused by physiological imbalances in the brain.These include delusions, mood swings and personality disorders.In the manic or “up” stage, the individual may be so unrealistically self-confident or energized that relationships and/or their career can be destroyed. A person may think that they have a special relationship with world leaders or celebrities, or commit to multiple meetings, social activities and critical deadlines on the same day, believing that he or she can accomplish anything. During this manic stage the person may make decisions that can destroy their own health and their family finances.

Ways to tell that you are depressed
There are many ways to tell that…

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