The Search for the Manchurian Candidate

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
The Manchurian Candidate is a term that came into language in 1959.It was based on a story about a joint soviet-Chinese plot to take an American soldier capture in Korea, condition him at a special brainwashing center located in Manchuria, and created a remote-controlled assassin who was suppose to kill the president of the United States.
Mind control was a way that the United States could find out what and when any country or terrorists had thoughts of inflicting any damage on our nation.A drug that could make somebody willing or unwilling to tell top secrets about other agencies that were spying on the government and our Central Intelligence Agency, would help out dramatically.Drugs mixed and designed by special scientist were made to make spies that had been caught sleepy and in a zombie like trance, so CIA agents could question enemies on things that were concerns to the United States as a whole and to the CIA program.These drugs were developed for the enemy to also forget and not recall any of the information that had been discussed in the interrogation room, and also so they could not tell their agencies that they had been questioned by the United States CIA agents.These studies will put our CIA head and shoulders above every other agency in other countries; this is why controlling the mind was so very important to the United States.
The cold war was based on a lot of words and a lot of top secrets that were not know about the other nations.If the United States could find a way or a drug to make other nations spill their secrets then that would be a big plus to us.Experimental records at Dachau was partly inaccurate and if confirmed they would be an important complement to the existing knowledge.Mescaline and hypnosis experiments were sent back to the U.S., but were never made public.The United States realized that every other nation such as Germany, France and Russia we…

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