This book is about information on how they think the oceans were formed. There are several theories on how the ocean was started. One of the theories is that a chunk of the earth was knocked out and made the Pacific Ocean. Another is that when the world was formed the oceans were just there after the world's temperature cold down.
Another topic in the book is that the moon is the earth's child. They think that while the earth was being form the moon came in to play after a comet hit the earth.Than it cause the moon to go into our atmosphere and made it that go in orbits of the earth. That is what makes waves in the oceans. This is what thefirst chapter basically is talking about.
The one weird thing about this book is that they say the moon can fit perfectly in the area of the Pacific Ocean. They also took rock from one side of the moon and rock from the bottom of the ocean, and they compared them together. They found out that both of the rocks are the same. That is why they thing the moon and the Pacific Ocean are the same and the missing piece in the ocean is actually the moon in space.
If the moon is apart of the earth how comes the moon and the Pacific Ocean doesn't have a thin granite layer instead of the same materials of the inner layer.
The other topics that are opened in the book are about how the if the moon is apart of the earth how comes the moons mass is not the same as the earths. The moons mass is between 3.3 and 5.5. That is what is confusing some of the scientist that is doing research on the planet and the oceans.
Also another topic in the book is how they think as the world changed over the years they ocean change with it and the pacific oceans missing piece was pushed out when the land was moving around to different parts of the world. The second reason is that when the earth wasfirst made it was a really volcano place that they also thing that a super volcan

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