The Scientific Method for Treatment of a Lawn

Recently, in observations of the health of my lawn I have realized
that most of my grass is brown, much of it is dead and what isn’t dead is
not growing well.Although I was initially inclined to blame
meteorological factors beyond my control, I have come to realize that my
neighbor’s lawn is green and tall. . .essentially thriving.Because of the
fact that weather over my neighbor’s lawn is the same as that over mine, I
have concluded that there is some other factor responsible for the
difference in the quality of our lawns.
Since our lawns are side by side, many of the variables that affect
my lawn also affect his.Things such as temperature, moisture and daylight
hours are constant for both.This has led me to believe that there is
something my neighbor is doing to his lawn that leads to its far superior
By careful observation of the habits of my neighbor in his lawn care
regimen, I have noted two fundamental areas that differ from my own.Every
morning, my neighbor waters his grass with a sprinkler for half an hour.
Additionally, by observation and conversation with my neighbor, I have
discovered that he applies a complete application of fertilizer every month
to his grass.Since I do not do either of these things, and since these
appear to be the only ways in which the care of his lawn differs from my
own, I am led to believe that either, or both, of these factors have a role
in the success of his grass growing.
I hypothesize that I can increase my lawn’s health (in terms of
greenness, percentage live grass and grass height) by incorporating
watering and fertilizer into my lawn care routine.I further hypothesize
that each independent variable considered separately (watering and
fertilizer) will increase my lawn health, but maximum results will be
obtained by using both methods together.
Developing a concise hypothesis is important because, …

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