The role genetics plays determining someone

What role does genetics play in the determination of someone’s height? This can be answered with one simple answer. A person’s height is factored mainly by genetics, but also that individual’s environment. For instance, when my mother wanted to have a baby she stopped smoking, drinking soda and coffee, and everything else that mothers give up; however, she had a miscarriage. After that devastating time, her doctor told her not to change her every day life, and nine months later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. My reason for telling this story is simple. I wanted to research this to find out if that possibly helped my genetic information in the determination of my height.
Everyone thinks that just because his or her mother or father is tall they too will be tall. Saying a trait has a high chance of being inherited has never implied that it;s fated to be. Scientists from Oregon State University said that height is multi-factoral, meaning that not just many genes work together in determining final height, but the environment interacts with it as well. They also stated that the interactions with a person;s environment might include gestation; the time while a mother is pregnant, during growing years, and also if he or she is exposed to cigarette smoke and/or alcohol before birth. A person;s health and even birth order (in most cases, second children are taller thanfirst born) are factors in his or her height. Dr. Trudy Wassenaar said that since there are so many different things that determine this genetic-based trait, it makes it very complex.
But since height is controlled by more than one gene, if one gene doesn;t work then you might not tall or short like you were programmed to be.Scientist from Oregon State University said that generally speaking, children inherit most of their physical features from their parents. Also, this means that the most likely reason for a person to be tall or short would …

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