The Road to Success – Optometry

Many people go throughout high-school and even some of college not knowing exactly what career they would like to work in.Knowing this is critical in choosing your classes and getting organized for your future.You should choose a career that you are interested in; something that you will be doing for the rest of your life every-day.It shouldn't be a career that your parents want you to do, or your decision only based upon how much yearly earnings you would make.I've chosen the career of optometry.I am very interested in the medical field and I love working with and helping people.This career path is not a very easy one, but I believe if I put my mind to it I can achieve my dream.The duties of being an optometrist, the education and training needed, the skills and personality traits needed, and the salary and benefits all interest me very much encouraging me to proceed with my dream.
An Optometrist, also known as an OD, examines, diagnoses, and treats and manages diseases and disorders of the eyes.Along with the treatment of the eyes, they also prescribe glasses and contact lenses, rehabilitating the visually impaired, and diagnosing and treating ocular diseases.Day to day, this work can vary and challenging.Performing routine visual exams, removing a foreign body from the cornea, evaluating a child who is not performing well in school, managing the care of the contact lens patients, prescribing medicating fro glaucoma, providing follow-up care after refractive surgery, and fitting a legally blind patient with a magnifying device that will enable the person to read.As known, all optometrists provide general eye and vision care; however, some optometrists work in a general practice, and other optometrists work in a more specialized practice such as contact lenses, geriatrics, low vision services, occupational vision, pediatrics, or sports vision or vision therapy.Others in this field may choose to ent…

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